Organic farmers in Lebanon grow vegetables without pesticides. They help tackling rising prices due to inflation and the war in ukraine.

Organic Farming in Lebanon

22. July 2022 Print, Reportage

Tarek Rabah was punk musician. Today he grows cucumbers, arugula and soon he will grow wheat on his farm.
Can people like him help the Lebanon to get out of the food crisis?

Das Wohnzimmer der Familie al-Khodr

A window with too much view

4. September 2020 Online, Print, Reportage

There is a hole in the Beirut apartment of the al-Khodr family where aluminium once hold windows and the balcony door. Their memories are destroyed and so is their trust in the state. A report about the daily life in Beirut one month after the explosion at the port , describing how helping each other became a neccesity in face of the negligence and absence of the government. Printed and published online by the daily newspaper taz.

Fridays For Future in Lebanon

30. September 2019 Online, Print

No recycling system, clogged roads, electricity produced from fossil fuels. In Lebanon, there is much to do to protect the environment and the climate. Nevertheless, few people support the Fridays For Future movement. Why is that? The article was published in the taz and can be read online here.

City planning in Beirut

20. August 2019 Feature, Print

How do companies sway over cities? An example from Beirut, in which a single company – owned by the Prime Minister’s family – has rebuilt the entire downtown area after the war. My newest in the daily taz.

Lebanon’s new Environment Minister

8. July 2019 Feature, Online, Print

For the first time, the new Minister of the Environment in Lebanon presents a master plan for waste management. Whether this solves the problem is controversial. As the first official act, Jreissati has changed the dried plant in the office. A sign that the Environment Ministry is finally taking care of the environment? My report was printed and published online by the German daily taz.