Organic farmers in Lebanon grow vegetables without pesticides. They help tackling rising prices due to inflation and the war in ukraine.

Organic Farming in Lebanon

22. July 2022 Print, Reportage

Tarek Rabah was punk musician. Today he grows cucumbers, arugula and soon he will grow wheat on his farm.
Can people like him help the Lebanon to get out of the food crisis?

Das Wohnzimmer der Familie al-Khodr

A window with too much view

4. September 2020 Online, Print, Reportage

There is a hole in the Beirut apartment of the al-Khodr family where aluminium once hold windows and the balcony door. Their memories are destroyed and so is their trust in the state. A report about the daily life in Beirut one month after the explosion at the port , describing how helping each other became a neccesity in face of the negligence and absence of the government. Printed and published online by the daily newspaper taz.

Neoliberal Beirut

20. March 2018 Radio, Reportage

Jackhammer and cement, cranes and concrete slabs: in Beirut, skyscrapers are rising, obstructing the Mediterranean view. Land ist privatized, laws attract profit-seeking investors; rents are rising, living becomes unaffordable. A fisherman, a professor, an activist and real estate developer about their fight for the right to the city – a fight for public spaces, affordable housing and access to the sea.

Storytelling in Beirut

18. March 2018 Radio, Reportage

Old men telling myths and stories in caf├ęs – that has been once upon a time: The tradition of the hakawati, storytellers, died out. In Lebanon it revives, with new topics, stories and female storytellers.