Expo in Dubai

16. January 2022 Feature, Radio

Dubai likes to market itself as a city of the future. With the Expo2020, Dubai wants to show that environmental protection and huge spectacles are compatible. Did that work?

City planning in Beirut

20. August 2019 Feature, Print

How do companies sway over cities? An example from Beirut, in which a single company – owned by the Prime Minister’s family – has rebuilt the entire downtown area after the war. My newest in the daily taz.

Lebanon’s new Environment Minister

8. July 2019 Feature, Online, Print

For the first time, the new Minister of the Environment in Lebanon presents a master plan for waste management. Whether this solves the problem is controversial. As the first official act, Jreissati has changed the dried plant in the office. A sign that the Environment Ministry is finally taking care of the environment? My report was printed and published online by the German daily taz.

Cairo Comics

24. March 2019 Feature, Radio

In Cairo and Beirut, female comic artists are drawing characters far beyond bold stereotypes. Meet Deena, Farida and Rawand, who illustrate stories about depression, men in need of emotional support, women dancing on the moon and a superheroine who does not have to care about economy. The radio feature was aired in German on Deutschlandfunk Kultur.

Fight for public places

1. July 2018 Feature, Online

Property speculation in Beirut is forcing tenants out of their homes and displacing fishermen from the port. Therefore, activists are fighting for their right to the city, access to beaches and parcs.