journalist in beirut

City planning in Beirut

20. August 2019 Feature, Print

How do companies sway over cities? An example from Beirut, in which a single company – owned by the Prime Minister’s family – has rebuilt the entire downtown area after the war. My newest in the daily taz.

Lebanon’s tides of trash

29. July 2019 Radio, Web

Between 1,000 and 3,000 tons of plastic are estimated to be floating in the Mediterranean Sea. While Lebanon only boasts a tiny fraction of Mediterranean coastline, the country makes a pretty significant contribution to its pollution. There have been recent efforts to clean up Beirut’s beaches, but do they symbolize a new era or are they just a government public relations campaign? An audio report from Lebanon’s beaches for DW – Deutsche Welle.

Street Artists in Amman

12. July 2019 Radio

Between Amman’s beige walls I climbed on a crane with Miramar Muh’d and Suhaib Attar. Street artists give the city a colorful touch. How does the intervention in public space change people’s perception of their city? Follow me into the microcosm of Ammans Street Art: Walking the hills of Amman, painting in the hipster area of Weibdeh where art gentrifies the quarter and climb on cranes, 12 meters above the heart of the city. The German public broadcaster Deutschlandfunk published theRead More

Lebanon’s new Environment Minister

8. July 2019 Feature, Online, Print

For the first time, the new Minister of the Environment in Lebanon presents a master plan for waste management. Whether this solves the problem is controversial. As the first official act, Jreissati has changed the dried plant in the office. A sign that the Environment Ministry is finally taking care of the environment? My report was printed and published online by the German daily taz.

Feminist Comic Artist Rawand Issa

20. May 2019 Online

Rawand Issa draws thick lines and doesnʹt come from Mars. The 26-year-old Lebanese artist expresses what she feels through her comics. That works best with a black pen pressed firmly to the paper – Rawand often feels afraid, angry or not understood, almost as if she came from another planet. The article is published in English, German and Arabic on DW’s Online Magazine Qantara. Illustration: Rawand Issa