Beirut’s infamous Van No 4

12. May 2018 Allgemein, Radio

Van Number 4 became a socio-cultural phenomena in Beirut, cheap and fast transportation for students, doctors and shoeshiners. A city portrait along No 4’s route – through noisy hamra, busy basta al tahta, artificial bird sounds in downtown and real bird’s twittering in Horsh Beirut. Listen to the radio portrait here.

Lebanon’s loudspeakers

3. December 2017 Allgemein

In Beirut, a small group of Musicians makes noise and is questioned if they worship satan. Arrested in later days, Heavy Metal Bands are involved socially today – also in politics.

Crafting an alternative Syria

7. July 2017 Allgemein, Online

Art recreates what was lost in the Syrian war In classrooms across Lebanon, Syrian artists use painting, theatre and music to convey the sound, feel and sense of identity of Syria to a new generation, born or brought up as refugees in Lebanon. The article was published on mashallahnews. You can read it here.