journalistin in beirut

Soundartist Leila Hassan

18. March 2018 Portait, Radio

Leila Hassan’s life and sound is a collage. Her father is Egyptian, her mother German-Czech; her sound is a mixtape of Language and Tones. Julia Neumann met her underneath rustling leaves and the blowing wind in Berlin, where she lives.

Lebanon’s loudspeakers

3. December 2017 Allgemein

In Beirut, a small group of Musicians makes noise and is questioned if they worship satan. Arrested in later days, Heavy Metal Bands are involved socially today – also in politics.

Crafting an alternative Syria

7. July 2017 Allgemein, Online

Art recreates what was lost in the Syrian war In classrooms across Lebanon, Syrian artists use painting, theatre and music to convey the sound, feel and sense of identity of Syria to a new generation, born or brought up as refugees in Lebanon. The article was published on mashallahnews. You can read it here.

Visa procedure for Lebanese

6. July 2017 Feature, Online

They want to visit Germany to party at Wacken Festival, to participate in a workshop or see the girlfriend. Three stories of Lebanese about the struggle of getting Visa and an expert on the question: Is the Visa procedure fair? The article was published on jetzt. de.

Rap against Sexism and Salafists

21. December 2016 Online, Portait

Ten years old, she practised Breakdance in a mosque, with 16 she started rapping: Boutheina El Alouadi is one of the few female professional rapper in Tunisia. There she made her dream come true – nevertheless, she wants to leave the country. The article was published in English,  German und Arabic.